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July 17

This Week With Femme Fatale!

Femme Fatale is all over the map, literally! Below is a sneak peek at just a few of our favourite events coming up this week!     Gelato Cup Thursday July 18th – close to 50 Femme Fatale caddies, promotional models, fashion models, alcohol sampling, servers and hostesses will be working the amazing charity event again […]

July 17

Should Men Buy Women Drinks?

Should men pay for drinks? Dinner? The answer is no. I understand some women may get defensive about this and utter things like, “a gentleman always pays for a lady” or “I want a man who can afford to take me out.” That is great after you’ve started dating but in the initial pick up stage it’s […]

July 08

Moguls Meeting Models

It’s a weekly, almost daily occurrence that I am approached to hook someone or their friend up with one of our models from Femme Fatale. It may sound funny but being surrounded by beautiful models is a blessing and a curse. First of all I am not currently a match maker (although I have considered […]

July 07

Hip Hop Art

July 03

Femme Gems Fav Toronto Desserts!

If there is one thing we know here at Femme, it’s desserts. When we go for calorie overload it has to be worth it. After trying (almost) every restaurant, bakery and random van with candy in the city of Toronto, below are our top favs! 5. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar – Lees Restaurant We have […]

June 30

Canada Day Fashion!

Not sure what to wear this Canada Day? Take a peek at our Femme approved fashion guide for your July 1st events!   1. Pair a simple red top with smart white shorts for an easy and classy Canada get up. Perfect for lunch with friends!   2. Pair a red blazer with ripped jeans […]

June 25

10 Femme Gem Approved Summer Make-up Essentials

By Krista P 1. Benefit stay flawless primer
– (Apply in sections on the face, one side at a time)   Why It’s Gem Approved: It’s a 15-hour primer, comes out as a balm. Of course the cute packaging is a bonus! Note: don’t share with anyone, as it’s unsanitary because of the way it’s packaged.   […]

June 22

The Top Food Ingredients You Should Always Avoid!

To eat or not to eat, that is the question. It seems almost everything is bad for you these days in some way or another. Even that broccoli your eating, is it organic? No? So you’re ingesting cancer causing chemicals that are surely killing you slowly over time? Yes, its exhausting. We obviously can’t avoid […]

June 20

Feature Femme Gem, Model & Dancer Holly

What’s your name? Holly Wolf What five words best describe you? Positive, driven, energetic, spontaneous, social. What are you studying in school? I went to Sheridan College, where I studied performing arts, When and how did you get into modelling? It kind of all started after college, I was in a dance company downtown Toronto, […]

June 20

The Hidden Illness

It’s somewhat common knowledge that  not all diseases and illnesses can be seen from the outside. Yet there continues to be so much stigma and ignorance towards those suffering from said things. I recently came across the below letter online. It was a letter placed on 20 year old Emelie Crecco’s car. Emelie suffers from Cystic […]