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July 22

The Best Books For Entrepreneurs!

Amazing books for the Entrepreneur in you!   Some people are willing to spend their lives working for someone else. Not you and certainly not the women here at the Femme Fatale office. This is the time of the entrepreneur! You’re now thinking you’re ready to start your own business—or grow your existing business into something […]

July 08

It’s Monday, You Need These.

Monday Morning Funnies! Enjoy!  

June 21

A Little Less Media And A Lot More Social

Social media is an amazing resource for companies big and small. However a lot of business (generally the bigger ones) tend to fall short on using it to its potential. They actually miss the social in social media. So you threw up some media and made some pages, good enough right? Wrong. Here are some […]

June 20

Ready For My 15 Second Close Up! Instagram Launches Video!

Starting today, Instagram users can now share videos of up to fifteen seconds, with thirteen video-only filters to use. At a press conference earlier today Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, now owner by Facebook, would be now supporting video. Yes, the rumours are true. Instagram worked with “video scientists” to create a stabilization feature called Cinema. There are […]