Dancer Melody McGregor: Today’s Feature Femme Gem

We tend to be known for our gorgeous modelling and event staffing talent at Femme Fatale, but we also have an amazing roster of dancers! Our dance roster is made up of an array of performers, showgirls, and dancers from go-go to hip-hop. With a large in house costume supply, our dance troupes are available for specialized choreographed performances and much more.

Today we’ve decided to feature one of our favourite and amazingly talented dancer and FF manager, Melody!


1. What’s your name? Melody McGregor


2. What five words best describe you? Passionate, Determined, Caring, Optimistic, Funny.




3. What are you studying in school? I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Ryerson University. I also received my Personal Training Specialist certification with CanFit-Pro from Niagara College.


4. When and how did you get into dancing? I remember going to see the National Ballet of Canada perform when I was 8 years old. I begged my mother for an entire year to enroll me in ballet classes and audition for their professional program. I would even dance around the house with my stereo all the time just to show her how much I wanted to dance. I wanted to become a ballerina until I was 16 years old. That year, I was scouted by an agent and she brought me to Los Angeles where I was first introduced to hip hop and contemporary. I decided from that point on I wanted to pursue training in all styles of dance.




5. What do you love most about Femme Fatale? I love the girls. I’ve gained amazing friends, and I have also met so many awesome girls. These girls are so independent and confident. It is a mirror image of our boss lady! I also felt so humbled to have been selected as one of Femme Fatale’s dance managers. I love organizing and managing our events. I am a bit of a perfectionist so it makes me happy that I get to share my input with the company. I also really love how the dancers of our company are able to branch out into promotional and modeling events.


6. If you had any advice for a girl who wanted to become part of Femme Fatale what would you tell them? Stand out. There will always be a trend that the industry sets and most girls will try to adapt to it so that they will be accepted. Dancers and models that last in the industry are the different ones. They always keep their own style and feed off of the collective but never join it.




7. What 3 characteristics do you think it takes to become a Femme Gem? Energetic, Focused, Sociable


8. If you had to sum up Femme Fatale in 1 word? What would it be?




9. You’ve danced for many events with us, which has been your favourite thus far? My favourite event so far was dancing at Uniun for Femme Fatale’s Great Gatsby event. It was amazing and I even got to wear a real corset! The crowd was so energetic. The DJ played a great mix of house, top 40 and R&B.


10. What styles of dance are your favourite? Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tap and Jazz.




11. What’s your favourite thing about dancing? It makes me feel extremely alive and reminds me to always live in the moment. It brings out my creativity and passion for life.


12. Were there any models/dancers growing up who inspired you? Why? I really admired Martine Lamy who was a principal dancer with the National Ballet School. She demonstrated extreme strength and she always owned the stage. I had the privilege of training with her a few years back. She was such a great teacher. I also really admired Mischa Gabriel, now one of the best dance choreographers in the industry. I met him when I was 16 years old in Los Angeles when his work was unknown and he started touring for Aaron Carter. I was so excited that I had the chance to watch him in rehearsals. His passion and love for dance is beyond anything and he understands how to manipulate movement using inspiration from everything in the world. His biggest accomplishment I believe as a dancer is being co-choreographer alongside Kenny Ortega for Michael Jackson’s ‘This is it’ tour. I hope that one day I will get to work with him.




13. What is one thing that can always make you laugh? Comedy shows!! I just went to see Russell Peters live and his jokes get better every time! When I am hanging out, I usually watch him and Chris Rock on YouTube. There is no way you would still be sad after watching that! You may also find that I quote a lot of their jokes. Well the somewhat appropriate ones!!


Finish the sentence….If I could change one thing about myself I would change…
My hair texture. When I was younger there was so much volume I remember trying to straighten it. Now my hair is growing in straight. Of course!!!


My favourite part about myself is …
My eyes and my optimism. My eyes are awesome because if you actually look close, they are green in the middle and blue around the outside. My optimism because I never ever give up and I always learn something from every situation. This has lead me to meet wonderful people, visit amazing places and have an amazing life. I am so grateful.


My favourite restaurant is…
Copacabana in Niagara Falls Ontario.  All you can eat meat.


The first thing I notice about a guy is his …
Eyes and Smile.


Lastly, where do you see yourself in five years?
Being an artistic director for a highly competitive dance studio, and managing Femme Fatale’s US operations;)