August 20

Feature Model: Playmate Of The Year Raquel Pomplun

Today we’re featuring the beautiful Raquel Pomplun. Raquel is not only a gorgeous model but a smarty-pants too! She studied biochemistry at Southwestern College, is a trained professional dancer, TV host, cover model and Playboy Playmate of the year 2013! We thought it was only fitting we feature our top 16 favourite shots of this […]

August 15


1. What’s your name? Whitney   2. What 5 words best describe you? FUN, opinionated, original, entrepreneur, Octagon (have so many sides to me!!!)   3. What is something about yourself that people would find surprising? I’m a nerd deep-down at heart. I am obsessed with politics, Harry Potter, and sharks.     4. When […]

August 12

Love To Love – Our Top 25 Favourite Lovers Of All Time!

We’re a sucker for a good romance movie. We’ve taken the liberty to compile our top 25 favourite on screen romances of all time.   1. Grease – Sandy & Danny You’re the one that I want!   2. The Notebook – Noah & Allie Obviously.   3. Pretty Woman – Vivian & Edward “It […]

August 12


1. What’s your name? Amber   2. What 5 words best describe you? Silly, spontaneous, curious, witty, playful   3. What is something about yourself that people would find surprising? My passion for reading. I finish at least 2 novels a week.     4. When and how did you get into modelling? I was […]

August 09

Jaclyn Genovese: Today’s Feature Young Entrepreneur

  We got the opportunity to chat with the brilliant mind that is Jaclyn Genovese. We have a lot of respect for any fellow entrepreneurs, being young and female we can relate even more so. This blonde beauty is so much more than just a pretty face. This young business woman is known for her […]

August 07

Dancer Melody McGregor: Today’s Feature Femme Gem

We tend to be known for our gorgeous modelling and event staffing talent at Femme Fatale, but we also have an amazing roster of dancers! Our dance roster is made up of an array of performers, showgirls, and dancers from go-go to hip-hop. With a large in house costume supply, our dance troupes are available […]

August 06


Stella has been on our roster for a few years now. She is known for her laugh, sense of humour and her loud Italian ways. We interviewed our gorgeous girl recently to give you the inside scoop on one of our favourite models!   1. What’s your name? Stella   2. What five words best […]

July 31

This Week With Femme Fatale!

It’s another hectic week with our team here at Femme Fatale! Take a look at what we’re up to!   Warner Bros Entertainment Events Our promotion continues with Warner Bros in Montreal this weekend for the new blockbuster, We’re The Millers! The movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis. Check out a few of our gorgeous […]

July 30

Feature Femme Gem, Model Eden

  What’s your name? Eden Victoria   What five words best describe you? Head-strong, optimistic, driven, social, and very opinionated …That didn’t sound as pretty as I wanted it to, but at least I’m honest! Hahaha   What are you studying in school? I previously studied Film at York University, and I am now studying […]

July 29

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Be Happier This Summer

  1. Work Outside – Enjoy the weather and switch it up by working poolside!  Staring at a computer screen all day and having summer waste away is no way to go! Pack up the MacBook and hit the Thompson rooftop – free wifi and a wicked tan!   2. Do Something Different – “If […]